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    Izobilie obtained from crossing Kyustendilska sinia sliva x Monford. Fruit is middle –large, flat to rounded. The fruit peel is covered with dark violet colour. Flesh is firm, yellow-greenish coloured, aromatic. Stone is middle –large. Ripeming 15 days before Kyustendilska sinia sliva. Tree is medium vigour, tolerant to “sharka” disease.

    Kyustendilska ranna sliva is obtained from crossing Kyustendilska sinia sliva x Monford.Fruit is large, with deep blue skin. Flesh is yellow, firm with good quality. Ripening at the beginning of August. The tree is medium vigorous and productive. Succeptible to “sharka” disease and red leaf spots.

    Strumska sinia is hybrid between Kyuatendilska sinia sliva x Monforska.  Fruit is medium -large with dark blue coloured. Flesh is yellowish, firm, aromatic. Ripening in the end of August .Tree is medium vigorous, susceptible to “sharka” disease and red leaf spots.

    Ososgovska edra is hasart seedling from local variety Zhatvarka.  Fruit is very large qeff-shaped, dark blue coloured. Flesh is firm, sweet. Ripening 10 days after Kyustendilska sinia sliva. The tree is medium-vigorous, resistant to red leag spots.

    Kyustendilska krasavica is obtained from crossing of plum cultivar Stanley x mixed pollen of apricot cultivars. Fruit is large with good to very good gustatory quality and specific flavour better than Stanley. Ripening nearly at the same time with Stanley cultivar – about at the end of August.  Tolerant to Plum pox virus (PPV).

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